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Our Services

We provide independent professional services and advice to property owners and occupiers, assisting you to maximise your returns, meet building compliance obligations and manage risks associated with operating a facility. 

Facilities management strategy

It’s important to understand that each property is unique and we may be seeking a different output from our portfolios. Sherlock FMC are able to work with you or your Facilities Management provider to develop a portfolio strategic plan that delivers to your needs.

Facilities management procurement and negotiation

Your service providers are often only as good as the scope of works and the contract. Sherlock FMC views every procurement project as a unique opportunity to engage the right service relationships that deliver to the client’s strategy. We spend time working with all stakeholders to deliver a contract that creates operational excellence.

Public Private Partnership advisory

There are some key milestones in a PPP project where it can go horribly wrong for the FM provider. Sherlock FMC has worked on a number of prestigious projects helping the Facilities Management teams get established or just resetting the dial at key times. We use our extensive experience in PPPs to either assist with the construction handover or to simply review how the FM is tracking against the contract deliverables.

Defect liability management

The hand over from construction is a key time in an assets life to set it up for success. The team at Sherlock FMC has extensive knowledge of guiding some of Australia’s key infrastructure projects through this very difficult period using a softer landings approach to the handover and therefore setting the assets up for future success.

Budgets & forecasting (operational and capital)

Sherlock FMCs extensive industry knowledge coupled with our up to date market information enables us to assist you to identify your short and long term spend requirements and complete meaningful benchmarking that aligns to your portfolios strategic direction.

Workplace health & safety management

Supporting documentation is your greatest insurance. Sherlock FMC will undertake a review of your site and undertake an audit of your documentation to ensure that your facilities management does not leave you exposed.

Facilities management advisory

Your Facilities Management must align with your business core mission vision and values. Sherlock FMC work with our clients to improve the facility business process management from facilities contract review and procurement to building compliance.

Condition audits and asset registers

Management theorist Peter Drucker is quoted as saying  “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Our teams have extensive experience of reviewing portfolio assets so that our clients can understand their portfolios and establish a strategy to manage them effectively.

Asset management, verification, and planning

Sherlock FMC uses an in house customised system that means we are able to complete asset data collection, analysis and reporting in an accurate and efficient way with a live field feed. The Sherlock FMC team has carried out asset reviews for major property portfolios both nationally and internationally that delivers quality data, first time. Enabling our clients asset planning, long term lifecycle management, maintenance scheduling and market procurement.

Lifecycle planning and financial modeling

Understanding our portfolios financial footprint is a key to effective property management. The team at Sherlock FMC work with your key stakeholders to provide an intimate understanding of our assets life cycle to inform our financial models.

Information technology solutions to support facilities

There are so many options available today for building analytic models it can be overwhelming. At Sherlock FMC we understand that more data is not always useful. We align a portfolios systems and data analysis to align with your portfolios strategic needs.

Legislative compliance

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future,” John F. Kennedy. However, at Sherlock FMC we understand that change for change’s sake can be damaging when we are trying to manage a consistent portfolio. We review your portfolio and provide a report that will inform a strategic pathway to compliance.

What Our Clients Say


Jonathan Marsh, District Operations Lead, Honeywell Building Services

During the time that we have engaged Sherlock FMC, we have found them very helpful and they take ownership of any problems. They manage the project with the utmost diligence and keep our team regularly informed. Their knowledge of FM is outstanding and the ability to transpose this with our on-site team has been extremely valuable. I would recommend Sherlock FMC for any property related projects.

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